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Customer Relationship Management

CRM system must not only be clear and intuitive, but also provide in an effective manner a number of functions inevitable for an affective customer relationship management. A good CRM system provides specialised tools, which provide users with the right tool for all tasks. This applies to ChromeCRM which was developed for entrepreneurs who appreciate versatility and effectiveness. By choosing our product you receive: comprehensive knowledge regarding customers (the database of companies and its contacts); possibility to coordinate the work (both – yours and your co-workers); tools for communication and marketing (mass mailing, SMS communication); tools to manage the sales process and reporting tools to analyse all the information gathered in the system.

Main Benefits

Easy implementation

ChromeCRM can be implemented with minimal effort required from new users. We guarantee a smooth start by providing onsite and online assistance for as long as it is required.

Tailored to your needs

Your business is unique.
ChromeCRM will benefit your business as it is highly adaptable and can be customised to suit your specifc needs.

We're Professional

We will take the time to understand how your users must execute their jobs and perform day-to-day operations, so that we can accurately confgure and implement a CRM system.

CRM Functions

Comprehensive knowledge regarding customers

  • Database of companies and contacts;
  • Possibility to define additional sections, fields and your own classification;
  • Defining relations;
  • Storage of the history of communication and activities;

Coordination of the work for your co-workers and yourself

  • Management of the requests and meetings;
  • Delegating tasks and monitoring its execution;
  • Automatic information about the tasks delegated to a particular user;
  • Mechanism of reminders about the tasks to complete;
  • Calendar and calendars shared with other users;
  • Calendar of shared resources;

Management of the sales process and issues

  • Keeping track of the sales opportunities throughout the entire sales process;
  • Management of a measurable sales process;
  • Management of the sales budgets;
  • Products database;
  • Possibility to generate offers and contracts based on the products database;
  • Analysis of the changes in the offer and sale details, over time;
  • Multicurrency of the products, offers and reports;
  • Quality control of the issue taking advantage of the checklists;
  • After-sales service, service issues, complaints;

Documents management

  • Possibility to store documents;
  • Creating documents and e-mail templates;
  • Generating documents based on the templates;
  • Integration with the MS Office documents;

Sharing the knowledge

  • ShareZone to store shared files;
  • Folders structure;
  • ShareZone Articles with the possibility to force the workflow;

Managing user rights

  • Defining the rights to particular screens and fields;
  • Limiting access selected to records based on any criteria (for instance a region where business is located)
  • Limiting the access to selected correspondence and documents;

Supporting process management

  • Automatic notifications;
  • Defining operational procedures;
  • Calculated fields;

Communication and marketing tools

  • Planning and management of projects and campaigns, tools to handle calculation of reimbursement;
  • Mass mailing;
  • Built-in e-mail client;
  • Electronic surveys;
  • SMS communication;

Data analysis and reports

  • Possibility to export data to MS Excel format;
  • Detailed list of commercial activities and communication;
  • Possibility to create custom reports and the reports schedule;


  • Possibility of integration with the SMS gateway;
  • Integration with the MS Outlook;
  • Ability to synchronize with phones;
  • Possibility to exchange data with the website or web applications;
  • Possibility of integration with PBX or call centre system;
  • Ability to integrate with other systems.

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