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What is Advisor247 CRM?

Advisro247 CRM is a richly-featured, on-demand, web-based Customer Relationship Management solution that enables the integrated delivery of classic CRM, high-quality management information and deep Web and email integration. With Advisro247 CRM, your data resides on a hosted server and is accessed via a web browser. Being web-based means there is no big IT overhead – if you have Broadband, you can connect, wherever you are. Advisro247 CRM is integrated with your online activities to create a rich CRM offering that delivers real-time information to support daily operations and drive personal productivity, sales and marketing decisions.

Instant results

Because Advisro247 CRM is a web-based solution, there is no need to invest your money and time in additional hardware and software, regardless of the size of your company. This means it is quick and easy get to things started, leaving you and your team to use the system almost immediately. What’s more, Advisro247 CRM is so intuitive that users learn how to use it quickly and effffectively.

Having all the CRM functions easily accessible in one system, immediately, from any place in the world and with up-to-date information, gives you a rapid response rate – and that is an edge over your competition.

Manage your business relation

  • Understand and manage your relationships with customers, prospects, suppliers, partners etc.
  • Categorise organisations and contacts for quick searches and statistical reporting.
  • Easily access this comprehensive information in one place – knowing that itis always up-to-date as it is synchronised with other systems.
  • Conduct surveys to know what makes your customers happy.

Get a grip on your communication and history

  • All incoming and outgoing communication is instantly accessible in one place, ensuring a clear understanding of your business operations.
  • Integrate with your email client MS Outlook or use ChromeCRM’s own
    built in Web Client.
  • Manage your documents, such as MS Office files, PDF files, images, scanned documents, SMS messages etc.
  • Create multiple or single documents based on your pre-defined templates.

Share documents and information

  • Share your documents, presentations, leaflets etc. internally through a shared space.
  • View the company calendar, task manager and knowledgebase.
  • Prepare your proposals and other documents easily via the products and services database.
  • Share selected information and documents with the outside world through your website.

Ensure efficiency and high quality result

  • Manage a well-organised and efficient sales process from prospect to close.
  • Deliver timely and high standard customer service with help from the support
    handling system.
  • Enforce consistency in the quality of deliverables through a customised quotation system and order checklists.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM system must not only be clear and intuitive, but also provide in an effective manner a number of functions inevitable for an affective customer relationship management. A good CRM system provides specialised tools, which provide users with the right tool for all tasks. This applies to ChromeCRM which was developed for entrepreneurs who appreciate versatility and effectiveness.

By choosing our product you receive:

  • comprehensive knowledge regarding customers (the database of companies and its contacts);
  • possibility to coordinate the work (both – yours and your co-workers);
  • tools for communication and marketing (mass mailing, SMS communication);
  • tools to manage the sales process and reporting tools to analyse all the information gathered in the system.

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It is fair to say that the assistance and support we are getting is outstanding. The fact that there are prompt and professional engineers on the supplier’s side allows us to develop new ways of using the system as we grow. – Seagull

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