Advisor247 Legal
Modern and flexible case management system.

  • Managing progress of cases
  • Tracking and accounting work time
  • Invoicing customers
  • Effective communication

Modern Case Management System

Advisor247 Legal is a modern and flexible case management system, which allows to efficiently manage progress of cases, tracking and accounting work time, invoicing customers, effective communication and building relations with your customers.
Advisor247 Legal is made for big and medium legal offices, but also for tax offices, notary offices and legal departments, for which efficiency of operations and processes is a crucial part for their development.
The system provides tools for efficient operations and advanced analytical possibilities with regards to work efficiency, real value of cooperation with a customer, up to date accounting status, estimation of future income and maximizing profitability.

Quick introduction to Advisor247 Legal

Some of the key functionality

  • The list of accounts and contact persons
  • Register of opened cases and projects
  • Detecting duplicates and conflict of interest
  • Work time and costs tracking
  • Generating invoices
  • Individual and group calendars
  • Documents handling integrated with MS Office
  • Search through documents contents
  • Archiving of whole e-mail correspondence from MS Outlook (Windows)
  • Built-in e-mail client with templates of messages and mail merge
  • Support for any language
  • Integration with accounting systems

About Advisor Company

We have been working in the solutions market for legal offices for more than 20 years. We are the leader in the Norwegian market, but we also rapidly develop in other European countries. We have our branches in Poland and Sweden and a network of partners in other European countries.

We have completed more than 1000 implementations of our systems and they are used by more than 8000 professionals.

In 2014 we launched a modern online system for a legal offices called Advisor247. It allows working through the Web browser from any place or device (also mobile devices).

It is the system for legal offices, which are focused on development, which want to keep up with the times utilizing possibilities of contemporary software solutions.

In relations with our customers we not only act as a software provider, but most of all, a partner, who brings in experience and helps in implementation of effective solutions.